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Super Fast Load Speed

Instant Monetization


Speed loads VAST and VPAID tags fast. Like really fast. With VAST load times of sub 400 milliseconds, the player's speed eliminates hang-ups and time-outs. SpotPlayer deliver more impressions per user, helping partners earn significantly more money. 


Flexibility & Simple Set-Up. Use SpotPlayer to create, or expand available video inventory on desktop or mobile. Featuring a built-in monetization stack (SSP), and simple Javascript integration, SpotPlayer makes it easy to rapidly increase revenue:

  • Support for VPAID & VAST
  • Muted auto-play on desktop & mobile
  • Create native (in-line) placements
  • Create in-banner inventory
  • Overlay on top of a current video player
  • "Widget": rotate social content & pre-roll





SpotPlayer features built-in sell side platform (SSP) capabilities as well as several monetization innovations.  We've designed a parallel auctioning system ("super auction"), eliminating the inefficiencies of traditional waterfall chains in video. We've also added advanced optimizations, such as the ability to backfill a display tag when no video fill is available.  

Get ready to make money.


How To Work With Us

Publishers & Networks

SpotPlayer runs on a rev share basis with a simple Javascript implementation. Contact us to learn more and schedule a demo.


Advertisers & Media Buyers

Contact us to learn more about buying our desktop, mobile and tablet traffic. Large and small player sizes available worldwide.



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